terça-feira, 9 de junho de 2009

omegle.com #3

Stranger: HEYY
You: hey
You: bitch:D
Stranger: RAWR
Stranger: grrh<3
You: :D
You: where from?:D
Stranger: finland, u?
You: portugal
Stranger: nice
Stranger: do u know anna abreu?
You: of course
You: a girl? right?
Stranger: yes
You: she lives in the same village as i do
Stranger: oh nice
You: there's only a hundred people in portugal
Stranger: she is finish
Stranger: :O
You: we all know each other
Stranger: oh
You: there's me
You: antonio
You: cristina
You: pedro
You: julia
You: carlos
You: ambrosio
You: carlos c.
You: joana
You: maria f.
You: maria v.
Stranger: ok xD
You: tony
Stranger: ok, ok
You: do you know john?
You: he lives in finland
You: he lives in an iglo
You: is anna abreu doable?
Stranger: doable?
You: yes
You: given the chance
You: would you do her
Stranger: no
You: is she ugly?
Stranger: yes
You: what's your name?
Stranger: matti
You: ok, matti
You: i'll find anna abreu and told her you said that
You: sucker!
You have disconnected.

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