domingo, 26 de fevereiro de 2012

a propósito da venda de uma pedaleira digitech rp 7

Hope the item is in good condition ? let me know the cost ok.



It has one or two scratches. But was always used at home (no gigs/concerts).



Thanks for the reply...Am Matt from London and am willing to buy this
item from you to my friend in Nigeria and i will be offering you
325euro for this item plus the postage cost via Local Post Office to
him in Nigeria ok.

Below you can find the shipment address :

Name : Shina Alab
Address : 44, Opposite Sabo Road
City : Ijebu-Ode
State : Ogun
Country : Nigeria
Postal Code : 234037

So, due to urgently needed you can end the sales for me and then reply
with your bank details so that i can make the payment right away okay.



Hello Matt,

I already sent the item to Nigeria. But due to the fact of your friend being black, he ate the item and is now suing you and your family for anal injuries.
Please, send me my money via paypal (you can use my email) and, at least, send your friend a get well card.


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mt bom